Offshore Services

Abseilers are ideally suited to working on offshore installations and rigs. They provide great mobility and flexibility, and if properly trained, can access seemingly ‘inaccessible’ locations with ease.


Toprope artisans have been safely and efficiently working on offshore projects for the last twenty years. We have worked in 25 countries and all of our operators are offshore certified. We are proud of our safety record and are known for the exemplary quality of our work.

Toprope specialises in a variety of abseiling projects on:


Derricks & masts


This includes:


• Refurbishing & rebuilds

• Upgrades

• Inspections (Drops, Bolts, API 4G)

• Bolting projects

• Painting


Semi-subs & drill ships


This includes:


• Anode replacement

• Flareboom and repairs

• Helideck (painting, net replacement, structural repairs)




This includes:


• Leg inspections

• Leg painting

• Anodes, Ladders and jetting line replacement




This includes:


• Maintenance squads

• Multi-skilled teams

• Commissioning and on-field maintenance


In addition, Toprope can assist with:


• Welding, Cutting, Burning

• Pipe Refurbishment

• Valve Refurbishment

• Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Services

• Derrick Maintenance

• Flare Boom Maintenance

• Electrical Repairs

• Paint crews

• Tanker riding crews


Offshore Inspections


Our highly trained personnel can perform a full range of inspection services and procedures including:


• Bolt Torque Inspections

• Dropped Item Sweeps and Surveys


• Non Destructive Testing

• Magnetic Particle Inspections

• Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

• UltrasonicThickness Gauging

• Liquid Penetrant Inspections

• Eddy Current Inspections


Offshore Painting


The major constraint with painting offshore is the ability to access structures. Toprope's vast experience in gaining access and working in a variety of environments enables us to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to each particular environment.


Toprope has painted flares, jack-up legs, helidecks, FPSO's and VLCC ballast tanks without using traditional scaffolding techniques.


We employ innovative solutions that minimise downtime and interference with routine operations.


Surface Preparation


Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting


Toprope supplies qualified blasting crews and UHP water blasters. This ensures continuous service of the machines as well as high production rates.


Dry Grit Blasting


Traditional methods of surface preparation are efficiently handled by Toprope operators giving blast profiles for inspecting any location.


Mechanical Preparation


Localising repairs and managing time constraints calls for innovative solutions. Toprope crews are able to mobilize and access platforms, rigs and ships within short notice anywhere in the world. They use modern surface tolerant coatings to guarantee a high quality finish.




Toprope painters work in accordance with stringent quality control procedures to ensure the correct application and durability of final products.


Ship Maintenance


Toprope crews have over 10 years of experience in specialised maintenance services on crude tankers and FPSO's. The strategic location of our offices enables us to service large vessels along major trade routes.


Maintenance and Tank Cleaning


Comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services are available from Toprope to service ships worldwide. Invaluable time can be saved prior to docking by the use of our experienced riding crews.


Ballast Tank Painting


Toprope specialists carry out Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting and painting of ballast tanks whilst at sea. Our crews use access techniques including scaffolding to reach the elevated areas of tanks and thus create substantial cost savings.


Deck Recoating


Complete deck refurbishment by Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting and Dry Grit Blasting offers superior finishes by our team of professionals.


Vessel Surveys


Inspection surveys are carried out by qualified inspectors according to strict class requirements. Comprehensive reports are provided, available in both digital and print format.


Inspections cover:


• General condition of the tanks

• Coating conditions

• Pre dry dock surveys

• Anode assessments

• Structural Inspections

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