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Abseilers are ideally suited to working on offshore installations and rigs, accessing seemingly ‘inaccessible’ locations with ease.
Toprope has been servicing Africa’s mines, power utilities, mills, silos and plants for more than 20 years
Special Projects
Toprope is known for its innovative rigging solutions. From derrick extensions to fabric-tensioned rooves and offshore installations, Toprope can rig anywhere, anytime. Our heaviest lift to date exceeds 400 tons
Trained personnel can effectively access seemingly inaccessible locations anywhere, anytime, and perform a full range of inspection procedures.
Lifting Gear
Toprope provides a complete range of Lifting Gear Inspection Services for both the onshore and offshore industries.
Inaccessible painting contracts whether small "touch-up" jobs or large projects, are ideally suited to Industrial Rope Access techniques.

Toprope Industrial Rope Access

Industrial and marine rope access specialists since 1991

Toprope is an industrial rope access company providing personnel specifically trained to work in inaccessible locations. We specialise in working at heights, using multi-skilled Rope Access Technicians (RAT’s) with equipment, to carry out a wide range of rope access-based services.


We use advanced access methods such as double rope techniques as a cost-effective alternative to conventional scaffolding or cradle systems. This offers clients a faster and more flexible solution to most maintenance programmes in difficult-to-reach areas, minimising down-time and lost production.


Toprope takes great care in employing only those who are best suited to the unique nature of the work. Our personnel are highly skilled in rope access and related activities and are all trained and accredited in accordance with the relevant SABS codes of practice.


Toprope carries Full Public Liability Insurance on all of its contracts.

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